CeTLUR Team for 2019-2020

Recent News

Date: 12-16 Jan 2020

CeTLUR activities at TRB Annual Meeting – 2020 in Washington D.C. USA:

Dr. Fatmi receiving ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from TRB


Graduate students – Muntahith Orvin and Bijoy Saha with Dr. Fatmi in TRB-2020


Lecture Session:

Paper Title: Modeling Destination Choice Behavior of the Dockless Bikesharing Services Users: Assessing Origin-destination Inter-dependency Using Their Built Environment Attributes


Poster session:

Paper Title: Spatio-temporal Analysis of Collision Frequency and Injury Severity Involving Unconventional Modes, Pedestrians, and Transit in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Paper Title: Modeling the Reasons for Choosing Dockless Bikesharing Services?: Assessing the Effects of Transportation Infrastructure, Land Use, and Neighborhood Attributes


Paper Title: Developing Multimodal Trip Generation Model: Improving ITEs Method


Graduate students with professors:

Graduate students with Dr. Habib and Dr. Fatmi


Graduate students with Dr. Miller and Dr. Fatmi


Date: 8 Jan 2020

The schedule of paper presentations by CeTLUR researchers at TRB, Washington D.C. is provided below: